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    Artist Nathan Pyle's gif guide to NYC street etiquette is handy for any city. Take it to the streets!

    This behavior should be applied in any crowded area!

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    Doctor Who’s Quinquagenary → Full Circle

    "Perhaps I should go home. Back to my own planet… But I can’t… I can’t…” -First Doctor, The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve

    "I have a new destination. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone’s. It’s taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last I know where I’m going, where I’ve always been going. Home… the long way round.”  -Eleventh DoctorThe Day of the Doctor

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  3. Reblog if you’re a member of the doctor who fandom!



    I want to see how many whovians are on tumblr


    So Reblog this if you post doctor who and I’ll follow you


    Cause I need loads more doctor who on my dash.

    And I want to follow as many whovians as possible!

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    Pug Photosynthesis

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  5. 11 Life Hacks/Tricks to Simplify Your Life #316


    1. Guys: Flex any muscle for 60 seconds to get rid of an unwanted erection.

    2. If you complain and you don’t have a solution to offer, all you’re doing is whining.

    3. If you complain about your boy/girlfriend to your friends, don’t think it’s weird when they hate them

    4. Find most textbooks online for free using Google—just search <title of book> filetype:<type of file>

    5. The better person you become, the better person you will attract.

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    Poehler-oids [x]

    I am so in love with this woman.

    I actually love her.


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    if you step on the back of my shoe and it comes off I will do the same thing to ur head

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